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 Заголовок сообщения: World Congress of Malacology
СообщениеДобавлено: 24 мар 2018, 06:20 
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The next World Congress of Malacology will be in Asilomar conference grounds, Pacific Grove, California. The congress is organised by Unitas Malacologica in conjunction with the American Malacological Society, the Western Society of Malacologists, and our other partner societies. Asilomar is a stunning location and we are excited to welcome you there.

We are now seeking proposals for thematic symposia within the conference. The meeting includes all science done using any molluscs as subjects, as well as organismal biology of the molluscs themselves.Deadline for proposals is 1 May.

We are particularly interested in symposium topics that embrace (actually or theoretically) multiple molluscan classes. We ask you to suggest a few speakers, as indicative of the breadth of the topic. We will not contact any suggested speakers without your permission.

We expect symposia to last a half day or full day, but if you think your topic would extend beyond a day that's also welcome. The selected symposia are not being offered any funding support (we're sorry) but will be advertised prominently in the run up to abstract submission and registration, and we are happy help you recruit outside sponsorship for your symposium.

We also particularly encourage participation by early career scientists and international members as symposium organisers.

On behalf of the scientific programme committee, I am looking forward to your symposium ideas!

Here's the link to the online form again - deadline 1 May 2018.



Dr Julia Sigwart
Queen's University Belfast, Marine Laboratory

sabbatical address (2015-2018):
University of California, Berkeley, Museum of Paleontology

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