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Ф.И.О. : Игорь Довгаль
12thInternational Conference on Salt Lake Research
The12thInternational Conference on Salt Lake Research will be held July 14–18, 2014, at The Convention Center of the Grand Epoch City, located at Ping’an Street, Town Xianghe, Langfang City, Hebei province, about 60 Km southeast of Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA).
This conference brings together international specialists in limnology, sedimentology, geology, geochemistry, biology, ecology, management and conservation issues to present the latest results and ideas on research and use of saline lakes. The five-day conference will be organized by topical symposia and problem-oriented sessions on salt lake research and sustainable development. Section 1: Global change recorded by salt lake sediments;Section 2: Salt lake ecology, biology, and biogeochemistry;Section 3: Salt lake geology and geochemistry;Section 4: Nature resources of modern salt lake and paleolake deposits and their multipurpose sustainable use;Section 5: Dynamics (or Long-term changes or Exploitation) and protection of salt lakes and adjacent environments (wetland, saline-alkali land and desert)。Session 6: Natural potash resources, their forming and use for green industry. We plan also organize special symposium (session) – 7: Life in extreme environments and perspectives of astrobiology.
Local Organizers
Key Laboratory of Saline lake Resources and Environments, Ministry of Land and Resources (MLR) & Institute of Mineral Resources, CAGS
Mianping Zheng, Key Laboratory of Saline Lake Resources and Environments, MLR
Aharon Oren, Hebrew University
Meeting Coordination
Key Laboratory of Saline Lake Resources and Environments, MLR, Fanjing Kong — Exhibitors, Sponsorships, Meeting Coordination
Phone: 86-10-68999550E-mail: kongjie69@hotmail.com
For more information, please visit website (http://csle.cags.ac.cn/2014icslr) or contact:
Registration fee
There are different rates, which are based on when the registration form is received, and all payments will be made on site
Through April 30, 2014 May 1 – July 14, 2014
Professionals $300.00 $350.00
Students $100.00 $150.00
The registration fees include the conference rooms, auditoria, AV equipment, airport transportation, Conference Proceedings, beverages, coffees, mid-conference excursion and banquet. It does not include meals and hotel.
Cancellations: A notice should be made as soon as you decide not to attend this meeting after registration form is sent.
Bill Williams Awards
One best oral and one best poster presentation will be selected based on the judgment by committee members of the International Society for Salt Lake Research, and the winners will receive a grant of 800 USD.
Salinology Awards
2 orals and 2 posters will be chosen by the Conference Science Committee for the Salinology Awards, and a grant of USD 500 will be awarded to the presenters.
All awards are for young scientists (Students and Postdocs, younger than 35)
Important Dates
Sept.30, 2013 Abstract submission and registration opens (For registration form and abstract template, please see attached files)
April 8, 2014, Deadline for abstract submission
April 30, 2014, Deadline for registration at the reduced rate
July 14–18, 2014, 12th International Conference on Salt Lake Research in the Grand Epoch City, Hebei Province.
A room will be held for you at the hotels of the Grand Epoch City as soon as your registration form will be received.
Estimated Cost at the conference hotel:
Meals: Average 36 USD per person per day (breakfast, two meals)
Hotel: Average 50 USD per room per night
Hotel rooms and meals will be served at different prices to meet different needs in the conference hotel.
From the early morning of July 13 2014, there will be mini-busses at the Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA) to pick up the participants, and drive directly to the Convention Center of the Grand Epoch City (the meeting place). If the participants miss the mini-busses, they can take the taxi to the meeting place with a cost of about USD 30.
Post Conference Field Trip
(1)7 days Qinghai salt lakes trip, July 19-25, 2014.
Itinerary: Beijing – Xining - Qinghai Salt lake - Chaerhan salt lake –Gelmu – Dunhuang - Beijing
Estimated All-Inclusive Costs: 1,200 USD
(2) 4 days Inner Mongolia salt lake trip: July 19-22, 2014.
Itinerary: Beijing - salt lakes in Inner Mongolia –Beijing
Estimated All-Inclusive Costs: 450 USD
One instruction book will be written for each tour route to introduce the salt lakes and related scenic spots.

Call for Abstracts
We welcome contributors from all relevant fields to submit abstract for oral or poster presentation. Submit your abstract to any field of saline lake study or use. All related high quality abstracts are accepted. Your abstract and registration form must be sent by email to ISLC2014@hotmail.com
All abstracts of this conference will be collected and distributed to each participant in both electronic (PDF files) and printed form.
After the conference, a special issue focusing on the salt lake studies will be organized in a peer reviewed SCI journal, and every participant is welcomed to submit their works to this issue.

Registration form for 12th International Conference on Salt Lake Research

First Name affiliation

Last Name

Email Address

Diet options (vegetarian or regular)
Field trip options (Qinghai or Inner Mongolia)

Registration type (professional or student)
Title of your presentation if available)
Type of presentation (oral or poster) and number of a session

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